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Over 30% of the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany is covered in woodland, which means that Germany contains the largest forested area in Europe. German forests have been sustainably managed for over 300 years. Legislation ensures that only so many trees are harvested every year as are grown again. It is a way to secure the raw material base for the German sawmilling industry for future generations. This is just one example of the concept of sustainability created by German forestry and meanwhile adopted by many sections of the economy all over the world.

German wood – a secure and sustainable raw material base

Every year, 120 million m³ of biomass is newly grown in Germany, which, in the case of many types of wood, is by no means used to the full extent. A historical forest heritage and modern sustainable forestry ensure that the woodland
is managed in accordance with ecological principles and with due regard to biodiversity.

We currently have approximately 3.4 billion m³ of wood in reserve in our woodland. As a consequence, the woodland does not only provide a secure raw material base but, at the same time, such forestation also significantly reduces
CO2 emissions – an active contribution to the protection of the climate!


The spruce (botanical name picea abies) is the most important native tree species. It covers approximately
26% of the German woodland.

The spruce tree grows rapidly and straight, its properties making it ideal for its principle use as the ‘bread tree’ for German forestry. As a rule, the spruce reaches a height of between 30 and 55 m, in isolated cases even 60 m.

When cut, the wood of the spruce is light in color, gradually darkening to a honey color under exposure to the light. There is hardly any difference in the color of the sapwood and heartwood; the annual rings are clearly visible and are dependent on the growth area and the course of the year. Spruce wood possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties, which predestine it for a wide range of applications. Due to its valuable elasticity and strength characteristics, the spruce is particularly suitable as timber for building and construction.

Here you can find sawn timber of Spruce